Electric showers: An economical shower with great performance

October 25, 2008

After a day long work with strain: our body needs an optimum relaxation, but how? Yes now there is a need for a shower bath to invigorate body by draining out all the stress and tiredness. Every sprinkles of water from the shower can give you a relaxing bath and you will feel a sense of soothing in your body. Now I would like to ask you: can you think of your bathroom without showers?

For a refreshing body showering is the easiest and safest way, which can be used as per your choice and need. You can control the flow of water as well as temperature, whether you are looking for quick or slow flow of hot and cold water. You can find showers these days have appeared from manual hot and cold water to automatic sprays with water temperature regulator to control the temperature of the water according to your choice and preferences.

Why to use electric showers:

For today’s modern bathrooms home owners are looking for both style and performance of the shower and both are equally important now days. Bathroom showers come with many styles as follows:

Electric showers are allied with main water supply usually come with inbuilt heating system. They draw water from the mains cold water supply and heat it as it is used for bath. Electric showers can often be used in every home where there is not a hot stored water supply

In case of electric showers you don’t have to store hot water in your water tank, because it instantly heats the cold water once you use it. Electric showers are required less maintenance, provided you have to check and clean the tanks regularly. So you can say it as an economical shower with great performance.

Advantages of electric showers:

1) Electric showers are safer than tank-fed system

2) Electric showers are directly associated with the main water supply so that you don’t have to store hot water

3) Less maintenance and great versatility

4) It heats only the water which is going to be consumed.

5) Electric showers are Suitable for instantaneous showering during the summer. There is no need to store hot water

6) It doesn’t have to warm all the water to be used at home

7) Electric showers are self-contained, so they are easier to install than pumped or pressure showers

8) Most electric showers come complete with a variable power setting to give optimum economy


If you have low water pressure, an electric shower may not work efficiently.

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Bathroom decoration and remodeling with lights

June 26, 2008

Can you think of a bathroom remodeling project without proper lighting? The answer is simply No. you never can think of a decoration without proper lighting. Bathroom is the most focused and frequently used room rest of the other rooms in a house and every home owner is trying to keep their bathrooms more designing and elegant by adding beauty and luxury touch.

The right and proper lighting add contemporary as well as luxury looks to your bathrooms by giving it shine quality with spacious realization. When you enter into a heaven like bathroom of your choice then you feel optimum satisfaction, relaxation and opulent bath.

To be most effective the bathroom lighting scheme should be at the vanity with the lights that will do the most work. These vanity lights should be bright enough so that you can take your shave and make up with proper lighting effects with compliment facial features.

If you are having general lighting then it should be bright enough to illuminate the entire bathroom even if there are enough natural lights, but these are not going to work at the score of night.

Task lighting is the type of lighting that is used when you are completing a task that needs adequate bright illumination such as shaving, grooming the hair or applying make up. When you are using these lights don’t use anything that will cast shadow, when trying to groom your self in the mirrors.

Bathroom cleaning with vinegar

May 12, 2008

Bathroom is the most frequently using room rest of the other rooms in a house and it should be neat and clean for a better bath. Faucets, showers and toilets are the most important items, which should be properly manage and taken care of.

Hard water is the biggest problem for the home owners, which requires cleaning your faucets, toilets and showers from the water marks in every few days. To get out of this problem you can try a home based solution, which is called vinegar. Vinegar is the best choice to keep your bathrooms out of stubborn water mark.

How will you make the vinegar solution?

Step1- Make a water and vinegar solution. If water marks are very deep then make a solution of vinegar and water with 1:2 ratio (1 cup vinegar and two cup water) and if marks are not strong then you can take 1 cup of vinegar and 3 cups of water (1:3 ratio).

Step2- spread the solution upon the faucets and leave it wet for few minutes

Step3- after few minutes washes it off with water and enjoys the sparkling new faucet.

Bathrooms Lighting

July 2, 2007

Bathroom accessories are the ornaments of every bathroom that may be small or big one. Why we talk about accessories? Because these are the certain objects essential to keep your bathrooms in an orderly manner with a beauty touch.

Bathroom accessories contain many items like extractor fans, mirrors, lights and TV. One of the more important bathroom items is lighting. People prefer to use a bathroom that consists of well and flexible lighting system. You can illuminate according to your choice and preferences amongst these flexible bathroom lights as follow:

1) Downlights & Showerlights

2) Spot Lights

3) Ceiling Lights

4) Wall Lights

5) Mirror & Shaving Lights

Good lighting is essential for every people to see them selves in an admiring light, which is very essential whether You may take a make up or you may comb your hair, every time you want a positive approach about your self, which can be possible by using the appropriate lighting.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

May 25, 2007

Let us start the bathroom remodeling with a big bang to give it a face-lift. But what is this bathroom remodeling? It is the process of optimum utilization of storage space by adding a fresh look with the help of bath accessories and hardware.

Every bathroom decoration starts with very few and common bathroom accessories like cabinets, mirrors, lights and extractor fans to make it more elegant, spacious and tidy so that it will give you an exponential relaxation every time you enter into.

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t mean only breaking the wall and floors, but it is much more than that which requires a number of bathroom hardware and you should have clear-cut idea about these hardware.

In a slow and steady process we will go to the different part of bathroom decoration, but in this session we will go for few fundamental discussion as follow

Why cabinet is essential for your bathrooms?

Ans. cabinets are the best choice to keep every bathroom accessories within the reach of your clutch, by which you can mange your storage space efficiently and effectively. Within your bathroom cabinets you can keep your make up sets, towels and many more things.

Why bathroom lights?

Ans. Without lights you cannot enjoy your bathrooms. Lights come with many ranges like Ceiling Lights, Spot Lights, Wall Lights, Mirror & Shaving Lights and many more. lights are essential to give your bathrooms a fresh and beauty looks.

Why bathroom mirrors?

Ans. without mirrors you never can give your bathroom a fresh and tidy look. Mirrors not only beautify your bathrooms but also help to seem it more spacious and fresh looking so that you can take an opulent bath

Why extractor fans?

Ans. Now your bathroom is beautiful and orderly with cabinets, lights and mirrors. But think would it give you the optimum relaxation? No you have to take care of the freshness of your bathroom. You have to think to remove the odor by making it dry, which can be better done by your extractor fans.

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May 22, 2007

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